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If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact our CEO, Ella Romanos: ella@remodestudios.com

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We create worlds. We make games.

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Who we are

Remode is an online and mobile developer founded in 2007 and run by Ella Romanos and Martin Darby. Our team has created over 30 games in six years, our work is regularly recognised by Develop, MCV, Edge and The Guardian.

Our management team has over 50 years industry experience between them, and in 2012 our CEO, Ella Romanos was named as one of the ‘Top 30 under 30’ by Develop and elected to the board of TIGA (tiga.org). Ella and Martin are regular speakers at conferences internationally, and contribute games and industry articles to a range of publications including Games Brief, Develop and the DCMS blog.

"Remode has consistently shown an amazing level of polish and innovation and has become a key partner of ours."

Drew Lesicko Senior Manager, Arkadium

"Delivery milestones are on-time, every time and on the inevitable occasions when there are issues we're kept informed as to what the solutions are."

Pete Davies Creative Director & Founder, Navmotion

Made in Creative UK

What we do

We are a fast growing development studio in a growing part of the industry where games meet open platforms and the internet. We focus on games as a service, free to play and social games, with updateable content, virtual goods, cross-platform connected experiences, analytics and cloud server technologies.

Games as a Service

Our team covers all areas of game development and support pre and post-release, from design consultancy, to programming, art, design, audio, QA testing, tech and server maintenance & support and data analysis.

We create games as a service, maintaining, tuning and scaling as it grows, focusing on:

  • virtual goods & economies
  • analytics
  • monetisation
  • retention
  • community management
  • updateable content
  • social features, asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer

Long term relationships, delivering on time and on budget

We seek to build long-term relationships with clients and partners, through transparent and robust production processes, and ensuring we deliver on time and on budget. Companies such as Arkadium, GameHouse and Sulake trust us creatively and technically with their projects.

Working with brands

We are experts in working with existing brands, extending a brand into games, or creating a new game for an existing game franchise. We work closely with brand holders, to uphold the key franchise tenets whilst delivering commercially successful, fun games. Some examples are available to view on our Projects, others are undertaken as ‘white-label’.

Versatile art & design teams

Our art & design teams work closely with our technical teams, to ensure we deliver high quality games, every time. See our gallery to check out our artwork!

Forefront of new technologies

We also create new IP, for clients and partners, and also through our Labs program, which is how we ensure we are at the forefront of new and experimental technologies, platforms and markets.

We have experience with all major mobile and online technologies, including Unity3D, Flash/AS3, iOS, Android and HTML5.

  • Unity
  • Flash
  • HTML5
  • WebGL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • C#
  • Air
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • DirectX
  • Blackberry
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Symbian
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Commissioned Games

We work with a range of clients in the UK and internationally. We love the challenge working to a brief or a brand licence brings, especially those where we get a chance to develop the sort of values and personality a game is trying to embody.

We’ve had plenty of experience of dealing with requirements on over 30 online and mobile game projects. This is why clients from around the world such as Sulake, Arkadium and Gamehouse trust us with all aspects of game development from branded content, to original IP and creative strategy.

If you are interested in discussing a commission, please get in touch.

Lab Games

As an independent developer we always want to make sure our creative and technical muscles are stretched to the fullest. That's why as well as commissioned games, we like to work on projects where Remode is free to set the brief and the goals. We explore emerging platforms, experimental technologies, ways to monetise games, and new ideas.

We believe that long term this not only represents an investment in the studio but also in our partners who can feel more comfortable with our ability to deliver at the forefront of technology. We treat Labs projects as a privilege, but one that has been a part of our company culture ever since Rotoblast and our subsequently first commercially released game, Mole Control.

Burrow (in progress)

Burrow (in progress)lab

  • Platform: Browser, Tablet, PC/Mac
  • Technology: Unity3D
  • Play: Coming soon
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Mortimer Beckett (2012)

Mortimer Beckett (2012)commission

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Habbo Speedway (2012)

Habbo Speedway (2012)commission

  • Client: Sulake
  • Platform: Online (inside Habbo Hotel)
  • Technology: Flash AS3
  • Play: Habbo Hotel
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Batio (2012)

Batio (2012)commission

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Surface to Air (2012)

Surface to Air (2012)lab

  • Platform: Browser based for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Technology: HTML5
  • Play: Surface to Air
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My Veg Plot (2012)

My Veg Plot (2012)commission

  • Client: Merge Games
  • Platform: iOS & Android tablets, coming soon to PC/Mac
  • Technology: Unity3D
  • Play: My Veg Plot
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Sky Cycle (2011)

Sky Cycle (2011)lab

  • Platform: PC
  • Technology: Proprietary C++/DirectX engine
  • Play: In our office!
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Tati's Hotel (2011)

Tati's Hotel (2011)commission

  • Client: CITV/Machine Productions
  • Platform: iOS
  • Technology: Objective-C
  • Play: Tati's Hotel
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Mole Control (2010)

Mole Control (2010)lab

  • Platform: PC
  • Technology: Proprietary C++/DirectX engine
  • Play: Steam
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Scuba Skills (2008)

Scuba Skills (2008)commission

  • Client: PADI
  • Platform: PC
  • Technology: Proprietary C++/DirectX engine
  • Play: PADI
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Rotoblast (2007)

Rotoblast (2007)lab

  • Platform: PC Installation
  • Technology: Proprietary C++/DirectX engine
  • Play: MCM Expo
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Remode is closing

Remode is closing

26 February 2014

After seven great years developing a range of online and mobile games, Remode will close its doors in March.  

Ella Romanos and Martin Darby established Remode in 2007 straight after graduating from University of Plymouth, believing that games provide a valuable contribution to our culture. We sought to build a work for hire platform with the ultimate goal of developing our own IP and seven years in we’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved, having delivered brilliant games for clients including Sulake, Spil Games, The Wellcome Trust and Gamehouse, and having brought together an incredibly talented team that has become our family.

Beyond our work for hire remit, we also worked hard to support the games industry in Plymouth and the South West through the ExPlay Festival and supported the work undertaken by TIGA and Ukie to secure tax breaks for the sector.

However, making our own games remains our goal, so we have made the decision to close down Remode as a work for hire studio and focus on developing new ways to raise resources for IP projects, plans for which will be announced soon.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked with us over the years, to our clients, partners, funders and most of all to our whole team, without the talents and dedication of which we would have not have made it this far. If you are hiring, please get in touch at ella@remodestudios.com and we’d love to recommend the right person for your company. 

It’s been an incredible journey, and while this moment marks the end of an era, we’re excited about embracing the future. 

Ella and Martin

Remode makes 2013 Develop Magazine Top 100

Remode makes 2013 Develop Magazine Top 100

30 July 2013

Remode has been placed in this years Develop Top 100, featuring the hottest games companies out of the 500 studios now in the UK.

Available in the App Store and through the browser, the first 2013 edition of the Develop 100 features a list of the top 100 developers in the UK based on their commercial and critical success, reputation, and potential.

You can view it in your browser here, and read Remode's profile on page 84.


Remode to develop Campy Command: Nowhere to Run

Remode to develop Campy Command: Nowhere to Run

20 May 2013

Remode announces that it will develop Campy Command: Nowhere to run, with the support of a Wellcome Trust People Award. The game’s aim is to engage new people with science, by enabling them to take control of a microscopic creature Campylobacter jejuni and try to survive a day in the life of this helical-shaped, Gram-negative, microaerophilic bacteria.

Nicknamed Campy in the game, the bacteria is enjoying its life in the chicken gut, minding its own business, consuming amino acids and multiplying. But when its host becomes supper, things start to look bad for little Campy. Luckily the new host was a poor chef and now the race is on to escape this new hostile world for the new frontiers of the human gut. Things are about to get very messy for the new human host…

Ella Romanos, CEO of Remode says, “This is a great opportunity to create a game that will not just be fun to play, but also getting people interested in science.  The game play will be inspired by top down shoot-em-ups, with a humorous narrative and fun social features.”

Remode wins £100k Creative England funding

Remode wins £100k Creative England funding

18 January 2013

Remode has just been awarded a £100k investment from Creative England to complete development of the studio’s upcoming sci-fi strategy browser title Burrow, set to be released by the end of the year.

Last year Remode was also awarded £25,000 from the Abertay Prototype Fund after Burrow won the Tiga Games contest, enabling the developer to take the project to the prototype stage.

“We are all incredibly excited here at Remode,” said Remode CEO Ella Romanos. “The Creative England funding is crucial in allowing us to complete Burrow, the most challenging and creative project we have undertaken yet. We are full speed ahead to complete the game by the end of this year – watch this space!”

www.burrowgame.com / @burrowgame.com

Remode talks HTML5 in Develop Magazine feature

Remode talks HTML5 in Develop Magazine feature

19 April 2012

Remode's Creative Director Martin Darby and Tech Lead Chris Hebert featured in Develop magazine's April 2012 edition feature on HTML5 browser games. 

The feature is also available on Develop's website here.

Sulake and Remode announce Partnership on Habbo Hotel

Sulake and Remode announce Partnership on Habbo Hotel

04 May 2012

Sulake, the parent company of Habbo Hotel, today announced its first partner for its third party development program that will bring new games to the world's largest social game and online community for teenagers at 10 million monthly unique users. Remode, a UK-based development studio specializing in online and mobile games, is currently developing the first game for the Habbo social hub. 

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We create worlds.
We make games.